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wwnted wantedthe new york yankees game 5...ending their playoff ruu the baatimore orioles wwnt oe- to-toe with tte new york yankees... for the entire season seasonin tte end... unfortunaaell...the o's came up 2 runs short. phort.morgan adsit joiis us live from yankke tadium in new york city... city... 3 roll cuu: "tigers in 3he alcs""- sot roll cue: "been a greet ride" 3 3 even though this has been a great season... it's a tough llss to take tonight tonightkeith daniels hhssbeen with orioles fans all night... keeth... what are fans saying tt tonight 3 3 breeking news right now...out of north baltimore...police are investigating a shooting on east 26th street...a woman was found in the street... shot n theead.sheeis in critical condition aa this hour...homicide detectives are investigating two men accused of arrangiig the murder of an 18-year old outsidetowsontown center lastt year learntheir att. fate.this is what it looked like... six daas before christmas... at toosontown pollowed...through the mall... and then shot ddad outsiiee. pposeeuuors say william ward the third...and fran
& if you ell asseep... the orioles won very earll thhs morning... beating the yankees in 13 innings and forring game 5 tonight. tonight.we spoke with the players in the locker room after the game... aad they aae definiteey feeling the pressure. pressure.:29:50 we wanna have fun but it is intense .... &pputting extra pressure on ours ourselvee 2-2... ies is nowwtied at - and tonight it'll be a showdown in new york to decide who moves n. &pon.megan illiland is live from jimmy's in fells point with fan reaction this morning. good morninn guys,heedlines like this... on the new york times this morning... that read...."yankees swing and &pmiss at clincher forccng game 5... make it a little easier po wake up this morning. morning. the orioles took a 1-nothhng lead on ate mclouth's home rrn in the fifth inning.tte yankees tied it when jeter scored in tte sixth.and despite a number of chances... especially by the yankees... game 4 remainee tied until... the 13th inning.the o's scored the winning run on j-j hardy's double... off rookie david phelps... finnl score 2--.this ties the series
? hours?last night's game one yankees started late... after a nearry 2 and a half hour rain delay.tom rodgers has more on the results... and this morninn's other top ptories. the game started ith a very special first pptch... hroww out by the victim and the hero pn the perry hall high school s and ounselor jesse wasmer...... posed on the mound with the orioles' bird and some players after ttat pitch. on to the game.... cc sabathia starting for the yankees, he's always tough in the playoffs. bottom of the 3rd. o's down 1-0, but hhve two men on base...... nate sabathia...two runnerr come f - around to scorr... and the orioles take the lead!! yankeesstie it in the 4th... and then the bats go silent for booh teams untillthe 9th inning.... orioles' closer jim johnson in the game...he's been great this yeaa... but not on thii pitch. first bbtter of the inning, russell &pmartin goes deep out to left and the yankees would not stop therr. thee score 5 runs ff johnson, and take game one of the american league divviiinal series, 7-2. (("you know, we had our to wa
the lead!! yankees tie it in the 4th... and then the bats go silent forrboth teams until the 9th inning.... orioles' closer jim joonssn n theegame....e's not on this pitch. firstt batter of the inning, russell martin goes deep out to left and the yankees would nottstop there. they score 5 runs off joonson, and take game onn of the american league divisional seriess 7-2. great atmosphere.... toogh resuut. 3313 we're going to bounce back, we'll be ine. we have all the bounce back, we'll be 3313 we're goiig to bounce back, we'll be finn. we have pll the confidence in he do a better ob of pushing runs across, and give them leadd in tight games. therr's nottmuch timm to think about it, the twooteams pinisheddtoday, and will play again today in camden yards, &ppt 8:00. the tough loss doesn't change the faat that this town has been ransformed by thee orioles this year.the team won its first playoff game in 11 years on frrday, and ttere's still a ton of confidence as continues. joel d. smith live at panera in towson with more players, and he's also the - checking out how the
... and yankees... senninn this rning playoff series into game fivv. five.we spoke with the layers iinthe llccer room after the pame... and hey are ... áoutspokenááabout the pressure they're under. those thiigs its win or go hhme- hhmeehe series is now tied at &p2-2... and thht means tonight... it's do or die. from jimmy's in fells ppint with ffa reaction this morning. good morning yankees... 2-1... inn11 - innings at yankee stadiuu. that's enoogh to wake up any ffn after a onn night. night.the orioles took a 1-nothing lead on nate fifth inning.the yankees tied it when jeter scorrd in he chances... eepecially by the yankees... gamm 4 remained &ptiedduntil... the 13th inning. the o's scored the winning runn oo j-j hardy'' double... off series 2-2 and senning thh o's to game 5. 2::1:38cheers... gaae lett go o's2:12:28they're sttll in it they've got one more gamm not sure if it'll be tiilen or hammel tomorrow but thhy'll get it done doneit'll be hammee ttking the mound ttnight... gging up against c-c sabattia for the showdown.first pitch is att's do or die.but we're played 43 inni
sabathia ssarting for the yankees, he's always tough in two men on base...... nate - mclouth, gets theesingle off sabathia...tto runners come pround to ssore... and the &ori yankees tie it in the 4th... and then the bats go silent for both eams until the 9th inning.... orioles' closer jim johnson ii the game...he's been great this year... but not on this pitth. first martin goes deep out to left l and the yankees would not stop there. they score 5 runs off johhson, and take game one of the ammrrcan league divisional series, 7-2. great atmosphere.... tough result. 33&chris davis 3933 we stayed in it as longgas we could. we had a chance early to push capitalize on every u have to &pally able to do that. game two is tonighttass wei-yen ( chen takes thee mound for the orioles against, &pone oo the best playoff pitchers ever... andy petiite ( of the yankees. so what does the loss mean for the series? how do the o's ounce back? can any oriolls fans actually be productive at work today? today?? joel d. smith live at panera n towson with all those answers and more
;33 orioles magic... moves to the bronx. bronx. the o's evened the divisional periessagainst the yankees. now baltimore is in new york for game three. three. morgan adsit is at yankee stadium where the ooioles arrived today. p,3 the yankees and orioles have a pass that's very interwined. this week fate is playing out once aggin.... in baltimore bronx. the bronx. with the series all tied up -- meeinda roeder is taking a look back at the countless connections between these two r. rivals. (melinda intro) 11:47721 "baltimoreens have alwaas grappled with the notion... or if he was a new york yankke."babe ruth isn't the only ironic icon... in this llng-time rivalry.o's manager buck showalter used to &pwear pinstripes too.but these going wayybaak into the past. beginninn... more than a century ago.... when half oo the orioles eam was movee to new yook and later became the ruth was not only born here... put his great home run record was tied here.....y roger maris who hit number 59 against theeoriooes in baltimore..nd ho could forget aalittle boy in the outfield the dreams of o's fans
states. thh rioles getting ready to battle the yankees oniiht. tonight. morgan adsit is live outside yankee stadium oo tte upcoming battll in the bronx. pot rollcue: bigger careee platform." 3 the city is rallying behind the oraage and black.ppal gessler was at a pep rally morning... where fans ot in the spirit for tonight's big ga. game. councilman brandon scott:"we're gonna go up to new york tonight. we're gonna llng time since downtown een a workers could take a wednesday morning off...lestine ailey: chance in a long ttme. and, i & emember last time we were sitting here, and i watched every bit of those playoff again--this is unchartered - territooy for most.kenny williams: "it's back to the oriole magic."cindy moll: "we wanna root on tte o's and let 'em feel the love.."the orioles have given the city a reason to root, root, roottfor thh road team.brian redding: "they're playing theenew yorkk yankees, of course, and you &pknow we have no good ffelings for them. they like to whoop on us liie we like toowhoop on yynkees and they suck."ing the it'' nee york, we don't like it!"t
the tag... and e's safe at home!!!!! 1-0 yankees.same score bottom of the 3rd.... bases loaaed with two out for chris davis ... and he comes through. the single.. scores two rrnners, and the o's have their first lead of the seriee 2-1. op of the 4th,,this time the yankees are threatening... but chen gets third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reynolds goes the other way to score weiters from seccnd. orioles.onnto the 9th... now &pjust a one run leadd and its time for jim johnson to redeem himself after last nightt' rough performance... and he happy to be tied in the for their fans. 4540 ttere's not a city in america hat lovee their team more than thissone... tte we put them through some tough . times. today is a travellday, so fans can catch their breath for 24 hours.... gaae 3 is scheduled foo 7:00, wednesday night in new york. the series now shifts to the bronx, wheee the teams will play game 3 on not done talking about this - game yet. joel d. smith is live at more details about the game, including one yankee who set a pecord no oneewants! 3 3- 3 3 3 3 a-r
fibee map 3 &pit took 13 iinings... and hours..ut the oriolesspulled off a win gainst the yankees... ending this playoff seriessintoogame five. in the looker roomm fter the game... and thhy are ... áoutspokená about the pressure they're under. freaknng stressful its one of ttose things its win or go home 2-2.... series is now tied at tom rodders has fan reactioo to the win... along with the morning's other top stories. the o's avoided elimination and eat the yankees 2-1... aad that's enough to wake up aay fan after a long night. night..he orioles took a p-nothing lad on nntee mcloutt's home run in the fifth inning.the yankees tiid it when jeter scored in the sixth.and despite a numbee off chances... essecially by the pannees... game 4 remained the o's scored the winning run on -j hardy's double... off rookie david phelps. 2:11:38 cheers... game 5 lets it they've got one more game not sure if it'll be tillen r hammel tomorroo but they'lll get it done doneit'll be hammel taking the agaiist c-c sabathia ffr the showdown.first pitth is at be sure to tune in toofox45 first to be
backktt baltimore as the orioles gott ready to face the big bad new york york yankees. yankees."hoppfflly we can bet the yankees. we're ppetty good when they cooe here." here."and tonight a loog awaited playoff game at oriole park at camden yards. good evening i'm jennifer gilbert.orioles fans have been in the playoffs... so what's two and a half hours more? mother nature causing a major rain it wasn'[t enough to keep passionate fans . away.melinda roeder... live at camden yards with more... melindd. even a delayed game. 3 3 the honor of throwing out the first pitch for tonight'ssgame special needs student who was shot on the first day of school. anddperry hall high schhol guidance ounselor, jesse wasmer.....wasmer--- thh gun away from the student who did the shooting..... putting his own lifeeon the line... and possibly saving the llves of many students,. a damp and chilly night also couldn't dampen the spirits of fans that packed bars around pickles fans chhering could be heard throughout baltimore. baltimore. 3 3 3 3 p3 33 3 3 3 3 3 people would show
-up with the ankees. yankees. a hugee rowd in hunt v. 3: &p: the overhhelming urnout fo wheel of fortune fortune the bii chill is moving in. how loo our tempertures will go this weekend...ann how llng below average temperaters will stickk. around. and flaah dancing gangnum styl. style.the ammzing numbbr of people who joined in. 3 "based loaaee to outs... fly ball leet ffeld nate mcclouu ... and the magical season of ended lass ight in s continues- ttxas....and that magicca season will continue tomorrow right here in baltimooe. 3 hello i'm karennparks jeff abell ii off tonightits a fans.theesurprising o's are back in toww and getting peady tootake on the yankees.. morgaa adsit is bbck from camden yards tonight with what players are sayinn about their ciiderelll season. there hasn't been much sleepp.. and i'm sure the smell of champagne is still arrund the orioles' luggage...but thee'rr back in the yard and rrady for one of the a- l-d-s with he yanneess yaakees.yes i saiddit... a-l-d-s.whhch meens the orioles aae ii a real postt seasoo.but wait???.this team wasn't supposed to be i
's avoided elimination andd beet the yankees... 2-1... in 13 innings at yankee stadium. &pthat's enough to wake up ann fan after a long night. fifth innnng.the yankees tied it when jeter scored in the sixth.and ddssitt a number of chhnces... especiilly by thee yankees... game 4 remained the o's scored the winning runn on j-j hardy's doubll... off rookie david phelps.tieing the series 2-2 and sending the o's to game 5. 2:11:38cheers... ame 5 lets go o's2:12:28they're still in ittthey've got one more game not sure if it'll be tillen or hammel tooorrrw but they'll against c-c sabathia for the showdown.first pitch is at's do or dde.but we're used to this... the yankess and orioles have eachother in this series... pnd in 41 of those iinings... the gamm was wwthin one run. pive in fflls point, i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. last night to honor a family thaa fell victim to a housee fire in northeest ballimore. baltimore.13735 takera is with god.... 13740 13740a grandmother and our children died in the fire on denwood road yesterday morning. firefighterr saidd hey were trapp
game nats nats the o's loseein a heartbreakee to the yankees.the plly that post the game... and whyyo's ffns haven't givvnnup hope just yet. "the last words i remember is new scam that can hold your personal information hostage... and what you can do about it. school officials are doing to cut down on the number of times kids miss school every p3year ii maryland. 3 ponday, octooer 8th. 3 3 3 3 a thirddperson in maayland has now deeeloped meningiiis after receiving a sttroid injection last month. month.the centtrs for disease control and prevention says the outbreak is growing. the sterioid linked to this peniigitis outbreak was received here at the green spring surgeey center.this facilitt has now pulled the producc.the sterioddwas proouceddby a specialty pharmacy in massachuuetts.they vials of the contaminated sterrid to nearly one hundred facilities in 23 of now... there arr nearly 100 confirmed cases... and at least 7 eaths of the lives ccaimed was a maryland resident.despite the fact that this virus is not contagious... health officials say
reporter ad ibs)) 3&pmmp 43-map-395-map-fiber 3- 3 3 to the yankees... ii extra inni. hhi the winning run. sooe people on the internet... may be pretendinn they have motivation bbhind their aaling actionn. ((break 2)) inda ((break 2)) actions. ((break 2)) 3 pou probably know by can't believe everythhin phatts posted on social medda. linda schhidt tells us why people onnine who áappearáto life-threatening disease, may bb faking t. it. 3 cooing up in our 6 o'clock hour... n early morning fiie claims several lives. lives.the ongoing cause... of the northhast baltimore blaze. 3&the orrooes loseeaa heartbreaker.the yankees player hoosealed the win foo his team... in extta innings. ((break 3)) &p kw@ barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven... so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let
's to victory another late fiiish for the orioles ast night but they got he job donee. bbating tte yankees 3-2 to even the series at one game. game.morgan... adsit.../ &p from... the... big apple... preview.../ of... what to expect ... from... game thhee ...night... morgan. 3 33 3 3 "the math ssyou have to win 3 or lose 3, so i think you'd but, it'' one win closer to ut 3 winning three. you know we pgt through texas knowing we had to win 11 games and hard."n out winning three, is &p while baltimore is gettiig ready for the biggest game of phe year... 16 yearssago today we were cursing the namm of a &p12-year old boy. jeffrey maier. maier.llt's... octobee ninth,1996. tte playoffs... o's vs. yankees.../ derek jeter... hits a ball deep../ tony tarasco... ready to catch it.../ but... jeffrey maier... rracces out... from catches the baal instead...///. the... umpiies... call it... a... p homeerun...// even... though after sloww you... an see maierr.. inteefeee....// the... four games to one...../ and... the orioles...
of their team's performance - in or lose. whereas the yankees will be don't wonnand perhaps that pressure will turn out to be a key component in game two. 3lasttnight --there was obvious prrde on the faces of o'' just watching the team line up for tte national anthem really meaat something to the fans - who, of course, waiting one and a half decades for that -b what fans are saying about s <""rooms will be out. i'm the ronx."><
. p the orioles fall to yankees in extras. why the birds have a good chance of leveling tte series tomorrow. &p3 the series tomorrow. 3 3 welcome back to he laaee shhwalter is talkinn about the - heartbrrakinggloss. loss. lets go live to yankee stadium for theelatest 3 the orioles fall to the it all as a pastor, my support for question 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine. it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6. that'ssaal for the late edition, i'm jeff barnd. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. let's go to bruce cunningham wiih sports unlimmted. unlimited. 3 high drama tonight in the bronx... ...the orioles and yankees in game three of the ammriccn league division waa a good nig
... the yankees had home field advantage... and new york won the series four games to one.will history reppat itsslf. o's fans hope not.. addit their team has its work cut out for them. <"i as ere in september... that's what counts."> of courre, some new york fans are quick to point out another imilarity - -- o'ssgeneral maaaaer used to manage the yankees.and really - the connections between these teams go way back -- rrmember babe ruth???so let's just hope that year --- it's baltimore's turn to mage some magic - and go down n the right side of from camden yards - melinda roeder - fox 45 news att5:30. a mannfrom elltonn dies innconnecticut when he highway while trying to help a - stranded motorist.police saa 83- year- old richard herron was trying to help a woman whose s-u-v had rolled over. herron jumped over the center median of intersttte 84 to avoid a tractor trailer. auuhorities say herron probably did not realize there was a large drop. a terrifying scene on i-95. a b-m-w was found dangling off the interstate near washinggon boulevard. the car was on a roll baak truck
.... then contorts his body around the tag... and is safe at home!!!!!! 1-0 yankees.same score bottom of the 3rd.... bases loaded with and he comee through. the and the o's have their first lead of the series 2-1. too of the 4th, this time the yankees are threaaening... but chen gets derek jeter to bounce oot to third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reynolds goes the other way to score eiters from second.. it'' 3-1 orioles.on to the 9tt... now just a one run lead, and its time for jim johnsoonto redeem himself after sunday nighh's rough performance... aad hh ccmes through! the good &ptimes are back for "j.j." and game apiece! 5255 i think the biggest thing for us...... as long as we stick to our goals ann eepectations, e'll be todayyis a travel day, so fans can catch their breaah for 24 hourr. game 3 is scheduled for 7::0, wednesday niggt in new yook. the win comes 15 years o the day when the oriolesslast wonn baltimooe.joel d. smith is ..- celebrating the big win with the fans at jimmm's today and has some more reaction from the players as well... includin
..the - orioles were eliminatee frrm the post-seasonby he &parch-rival new york yankees... yankees.... jason hammel starting ggme 5 for tte birds....bottom offthe score....aul ibanez a phorn in the orioles sidee.. gets through...mark teixeira comms aroond from 2nd to score...yynkees lead 1-0.... top of the 6th...connroversy... nate mclooth hammers it down field is fouu...umpires ecide to review it...replay appears to show the ball graze the pole in right and change pdrection...the crew didn'' think on the field stands...just a long strike.... nexx sabathia gets eed the inning....bottommof phe 7th...2-0 yankees...troy patton hangs one too urtis granderson...that's not coming &pback...soll blast...pinstripe lead of the 8th... birrs get on the board...lew ford singles into left...matt 2ndd..oriolls trail 3-1....2 batttrs later...ooe out mclouth with the bases loaded...can't touch the ssidee.....thn jj hardy chopp it to short...derrk jeter mound....c tosses to first....- that's your ballgame and season...yankkes eliminate the prioles 3-1 in game'
♪ let it rock ♪ this time -game 3 tonight-orioles vs. yankees-ralll oday yankees-orioles vs. -game 3 tonight-orioles vs. yankees -rrlly today wednnsday, october 10th 3 3 3- 3 3 3 3 3 33 ffrst on officer... the shoooing of a child... wiil not be charged with a crim. crime.tom rodgers s here with more on he decision just and your other top stories of the citt state's attorney's office mmde the decisioo in augustt.. but just released the nnws... fter we calledd following up on he investigati. all started in march... when 13-year-old monea turnage was foond shot and killed in an east &pbaltimore alley.latee... baltimoreecitt police offiier... john ward out of the easttrn district... was suspended when police found the gun that killeddthe girr pn the trunk of his caa.but pot face criminal charres... beeause of insufficient evidence.. decision that has guessing their support of city police. (wright) now understand me clearly, every officer isn't bad. every officer isn't guiity, but there's great number of them who are. they are guilty and tthy do a lot of
.... then contorts his body around tte tag... and is safe at home!!!!! 1-0 yankees.samm score bottom of the 3rd.... bases loaded with two outs for chris davis ... and he comes through. the single.. scores two runnnrss and the o's have their firrt lead of the eries 2-1. top of the 4th, this time the yankees are threatening... ut chenngets derrk jeter to bounce out to third to end the jam.orioles add a run in the 6th as mark reenolds goes the from second. ii's 3-1 orioles.on to the 9th... now jjst a one run lead,,aad its ttme for jim johnson to redeem himself after last night's rough performance... and he comes throogh! the good game apiece! 5255 i hinn thh biggest thing for us...... as long as we stick to our goals and pxpectations, we'll be alright. 3 todaa is a travel ayy so fans ccn catcc their breath -& p the win - comes 15 years to the day when the orioles lass won a ppayoff game in baltimore. &pbaltimore. joel d. smith is celebrating the big win with the fans at jimmy's today ann has some more the rioles ssould be ery confidenttgoinn intt n
3 3 3 cominn up... the orioles are in new york... for game three of their seriis with the yankee. the team is preparinggfor the first playoff fame... away from home. citizens on patrol.the group on wheels... that's keeping the crime down in midtown. ((break 2)) 3 they've stopped armed robberies in progress... and are never far away when gun ssots ring'ssa group called "the midtown bbnefits district."thee use off duty officers and volunteering citizens to patrol late into the night...all on janice park shows us how this group on wheels is... fighting back. back. in a seccion of the city that neeer seems to sleep... attraction, everythhng's diverse, you nevee knnw what chatter of these - the sound of segways...wheels pulsingg glittering through the heart of baltimore's midtow: midtown: "it's a really cool feeling ride outside of restaurants, wave at ya, and lap ay &pthanks for being out there" "normally we don't have an issue with one way traffic" traffic""usually we''e looking for trafficc traffic""usually ww're looking for thingssoutto
a commanding 2-1 seriees lead agaanst new york... but instead, some lateeheeoics by tte yankees leavv the o's on the brrnk of elimination. elimination.--the gameewas tted at one in the th when rookie manny machaao crrnks this home ruu to deep left center field. is first playoff home run looks to be the gaam winner. -- until the &pthe 9th inning, and raul ibanez comes through with a game tying homm run against clossr im johnsoo.--it would 12th... when ibanez is up again ... and does it againn!! this homer wins it! the orioles had won 16 straight extta innnng games... but now they are one loss away from the seasonnbeing over. -afterwards... buck showalter spoke to theepress 22::4:27:15 "how big is the knot in your stomach? i've got no knot i my stomach. why not? am that whaa i'm supposed to dd? is that what conventional thinkkng is? no we don't live in that world. i'm so iipressed with ouu guys tonight. we played a great gaae in a tough situation and we'll comm out and compete tomo" tomorrow."tonight's game psarts at :37. more drama for tonight's game starts at 7:37. 3 rrnndllstown is exp
this eveninngts a do-or-die game against tte texas rangers. if the 's win... they'll ace the new york yankees... here at home for game one of the american league division series. but ii they losee.. that'll be the pnd oo their rare, post-season ssretth. norman elkins 1420 ii's like watching the ravens n the superbowl. it's like you're excited but you doo't want it been uch a ggeat eason 0 kyle keesler/pickles pub 440 it's great for the city. it'ss great for the fans. it's great for buuiness 53 ccrtainlly weere just here to ttke opportunity of it 58 that brings us to our question offthe daa.will phe orioles beat the rangers o? tonight?here's oor faccbook page...a lot of optimiim going to facebook dot com nby - slash fox-baltimore fantasttc weather today.....'s meteorologist emily gracey with your firss 3 look at our skywatch &pforecast... mily? emily? 3 a bus a us driver is attacked by a teen aan itssall the reason behind this teens senssless actions. ...and this anchor... criticizeddin an email... that critic saiddlaat night... after the brrak today--/ in... as
... and howwmany you benefits. to get the 3 -live look camden ards yankees tonight... game 3 wednesday,,octooer 10th 3 p3 43-map 3 first on officer... suspected of helping cover up the shooting of a child... will not be charged with a crim. crime.megan gilliland is live from city police headquarters with more on the ecision just released from prosecuuors. good morning guys,the ity state's attorney's office made jusstreleased he news... only after we called following up on the investigation. & all happened in march in an eest baltimore alley.david wright was the one killed.later... baltimore city out f the eastern district... the murddr of 13-year-old r monea turnage.waad was suspendeddwhen police found the gun that kklled the girl in the trunk of his car.but prosecutors now saa ward will not face criminal charges... because of insufficient evidence.a decision that has wright second uessing his supoprt of city police. (wright) now understand me clearly, every officerrisn't bad. every officer isn't guilty, but there's a great number of them who are. they a
.let's... 1996 playoffs... o's vs. yankees.../derek jeter... hitt a ball deep../ . ony tarasco... rrady to catch it.../ but... &p jeffrey maier.. reaches out... from the stands and catches the ball instead...///..he umpires call it a home run... eeen though after slow you... can see maier... interfere....// the yankees... won that series our gaaes to one. we've... pplice officer... under investigaaion.../ for... his... suupected involvement... of... a... 133. - yeaa-old girl../. cleared... of any wrongdoing.n - & a first on fox.... keith daniels, live n downtown baltimore.. wwerr prosecutors say officer john ward will ot bb charged with a crime.. keith. jennifer..... the city state's attooney's office released the news today..but only after we called them followinggup on the investigation. and tonight.. accordinn to ttii statement.. they say thhy've coocluded that there is inssfficient evidence to chargg officce ward. ////// 3 ward had been under investigation.. after police found the guu that killeddthe girl in the trunk of office
....// the yankees... won that series four games to one. a really baa day for a bbltsville man who has some cat-rellted ccr trouble. &ptrouble.nats of cat meowing! meowing!it was a three week &pold itten!the driver says he heard... sounds coming from under the hood...aad noticed something wasn't right.he pulled over and opened the 26-32"i kept hearing a i drove a littte bii aad i drove some more and iisaid that's a cat." pat."the driver called 9-1-1 and after 45 minutes... firefightees were able to rescue the kitten.a vet checked er out and she's doinn fine.the next step... is finding the kitten a home. a great day for ne woman who meets the man who pulled her out of a burning pile of wrecka. wreckage. it was just after five pm on saturday when rosa by careless driver in a motorrhome.. her car was burning up around her when an off-duty firefighter came in throuuh the chokinn smoke. "i, um, couldn'ttbreathe and i got my seatbelt offfand tried to get the passeeger door pen and beatin' on theewindow and i ooldn't and i was screamin', 'juss get me out!' and he next thiig i know his 3and
to bounce back. after a tough loss. to the yankees. they are trying to tie the division serieeon another... cold.... rainy night at camden yards...///. for... the... second... tte... ame was delayed... due tt rain..../ but... o's fans ...aren't letting... last night'' loss / - or... the weather - . put... damper....on átheirá... excitement..../many... ástillá... win... his series..../ but... yankees ... aa... least... átwiceá... on the road. &p< "last nnght was great all the way up to the ninth inning... weere ready to go &pthe next night."><"therr's something special about thiss puppossd to lose, theyywin. - and when you think they're supposed to win, sometimes like llst niiht, they lost.">< to be honest with you">to win - 3here's... our quession of tte day.../ .despite last night's can bouuce back and beat thh division series?merrcan league seriie? this is our facebook page... nearly everyone is backing the discussion by going to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore 3 3 bad... and sad day ...for - after ..
...m yankee stadium....- 3 roll cue: "win or go home tonight" p3 morgan wwll live be toniggt after tte we announce our high school gamm after theedebate... --toss tt vvtass- vytaa-- 3 3 3 a high school cheerleader in arizona .... gets aahuue suupriseeat the last game of the seaaon.. season.. 3&as 15-year-old savannah has idea her father is homeefrom aa pour of duty in fghanistan. p3 under the leadershippof chief warrant officer charles haas haas the announcer says his name... as he walks in bbhind the cheers as savannah realizes mmet hii. 3 that's all for fox45 ews at 5::0."fammiyyfeud" s next. next.aad we'll be back tonight for fox45 newssat en -- and the late edition at 11....-&11.. laterr
. the next presiddntial debate takks place n tuesday. 3 after a 12th inning loss to the yankees... it all comes down to tonight.morran adsit the players are aying about situation tonight.ust-win tonight. ((taae pkg)) 3 the u-s anti-dopinggagency sayssii now has an overwhelming amount of armstrong... and the cycling team hh rode with. on wednesday... the agency released the findings of iis report... which includes mooe than a thousand pages of evidence and sworn sttteeents by 26 saaddthe 7-time tour de france chhmpion was nvolved in quote "the most ssphisticated, &pprofessionnlizeddand successful doping program" in the sport. armstrong has denied ever using perffrrance- ennancing drugs. convicted murderer, dree peteeron... is asking for a new trial. trial.the former chicago sentencing... for the murder g of his third ife, kathleen savio. peterson's request for a nnw trial is based on ineffective assistance of his lawyer.he claims his attorney repeatedll lled to him... and told him to seek as muchh puulicity as possible.nnw... his new attorney is speaaing &pout. "dii that fight
at yankee stadium as the birds facee eeimmnationntonight in the 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 be sure to tune in to fox45 news at ten tonight. we will be the first to be on the ir will bring you post game and &pcoverage live from new york. former state senator clarenne mitchell the third has dded. died.mitccell was ffrst ellcted to the house of delegatesswhee he was 23 years pld.he served in both the maryland houss and sate senate for 25 years.he died early this morning at northwest hospital. ddl. jill carter, friend: 23.18 "clarence mitchell iii was that person who had the chhrisma, the inttlligeece." del. keiffer itchell, nephew: 5.24 "he was always finding for the little people, no matter how dire the consequences (were)." (were)."mitchell was convicted of influence- pedaling.he spent 18 montts in ppison.itt career.mitchell was 72 yearss old. &popponents... of... the... maayland ...ream act .../ are... disputing a studd... which says... he measure ... could... generate... millions in revenue... for the state. 3 the ssudy... was... dooe by... researchers the univer
sot rollccu: "and the yankees expect the battle to continue." & baltimore... city hall... makes... no bones... about who... they're supporttng... in he playoffs... this week.//:03 nat/ mayor... stephanie rawlingg- blake... and... the orioll bird... unveiled a sign... this morning... wishing the orioles lucc...///.it... hangs... frrm the steps teem... handed . - out... a thousand hats to... downtown worrers... at this morning's pep rally. mayor ssephanie rawlings-bllke: "what this day is about is seedingga to let them know that we are - behind them all the way!" pf ouu town. they're not big, - they're nnt ritzy, they're ot shiny. they're gritty guys. they plly harr. they play toget" mayor told... - rawlings-blake... does ánot... have any bet... with... ew yyrk mayor... &pmichael bloomberg... on the series.../.though, ... she says... she is confiddnt... the birds can win innthe bronx. a... fox 45... investigation... uncovvrs a couppe... who donated ..thhir car a iss.. now being accused ...of... breaking the law..../ law.
the all comes down to tonight. tonight.mmrgan adsit issat yankee stadium with what thh &pplayerssareesayyng about thei 3-2 loss... and how hey feel aboot their muss-win situation . tonight. ((taae pkg)) 3 bbndinggiroo barss ripping phone books, aad pmashing ricks that are on fire. they are noo your speakers. joel d. smiih ..- thh "power team" as they continue their quest to &psurprise their audience ... with much more than their feats f strenggh. 3 &p3 3 ,3 &pcommng up... this is aftermath... after a vendinggmachine fire.buttthe storr behind it... is not what see the surveillance video... many iig - paad a spot ii the record books. you''e watching fox 5 good day baltimore. 3&((break 55) anncr: more anti-maryland ads. from this west virginia casino. they want marylanders to keep coming to west virginia... casinos like theirs. spending one hundred seventy million a year. question seven will keep those dollars at home. with a limited expansion of gaming that will mean... hundreds of millions for schools in the baltimore area... and across t
justin larue: 2.11 "i'm happy &pto be heee and the factt hat it's tte yankees makes t that much better."scott rouu: 1114 "everybody's happy with wwere we're at, and anything else is a bonus right now, so..." so....we are told maaor rawlings-blake does ánothhve any bet wwtt new york mayoo michael bloomberg on the onfident the birds can win in theebronx. nd aree gathered throughout the citt watching he orioles on tellviin televisiin karen parks is streamiig live aa mothee's grill in federal hill where riggt now. now. it. was... a... mad daah tt the register... this morning .../ at... the... shop--rite... "whoops, got the rong size." size." the storeehosted a supermarket sweep to benefit the maryland fooddbank.contestants had 4 minutee to race through the aisles.. filling their carts with as much as they coull carry.but with every competitiin there's a evel of strategy.... ann grocery "these contestants came &prepar homework, theyyhad their lists of what aisles to hit, they hhd thhir coupons cut, they knew exactly where they were going, but whe
the game, includiig one yankee who set a reeord no onn wants! p3 3 video should be oo alex rodriguez first at bat johnson!!! a-rod sttt .. -he - player to end most games in playoffs striking out. after the game buck showalter was asked if e coosideeed saying or doing anything &pdifferent with johnson becaus pe had a touuh night in the last game. 4348 nn, i would have i wouldn't insult him like smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 thheppoducers of "american idol" are speaking out... aftee last week's fieey dispute betteen nicki inaj and mariah arey. they say the line-up of judges... hich also includes keith urbbn and randy jackson... is one of the best panees it's ever had. careyyreportedly told barbara had a gun... and as a security. minaj denies the claims. many are convinced the feud is simply an act. coming up... than just counting calories. calories.whattto look for... on evvry nutrition label. &p you're watching thhs!today n our facebook page we posted a picture of a peekaboo..ere's whaa some of you cappionee it. it. guess who?! who?!why is it dark out? out? here's some offyour othe
-1 last night agaanst the yankees... and the first pitch in tonight's game was just thrown in new york. thh orioles are the focus oo our question of the day. do you think the o's will makk it to the worll series? 3& on our facebook page... megan writes "of course!! orioles magic baby!!!" baby!!!!!!!!" charles says "if e get ppst the yankeee we can go all the w" way." but robert writes "let's focus on tonight aaddgetting pass detroit and win thh amerrcan league divisson before the world series. ome on fox. a lot of ball to be played still." dot com and tell us what yoo througg ffcebook.. end us a tweet.. at foxbalttmore. and 45203. enter fox45a for 3 an eyeball the sszz of a softball...... the unuuual place it was found.... anddthe animal it may belong to. &p--adblib weather tz-- it's heavy lifting. you senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses and more skycaps unloading more
of the in sports unlimited... the ooioles and yankees have this season...each team has &pwon 11 of them, and right now and final timeethis season...t - stakk: a spot in the american doeen'ttgee much bbigger than t. thiss.. &pright now it's aascoreless ti in the 4th sabathia has been domiiant...4 strikeouts in 3 inniigs... last night was a preety fans...not only did the orioles beat the yynkees to football side of things... - things...tte arch rrval pittsburgh steelers llst...too came in onlyy1-4 on the season...thhy t a touchdown &ppasssfrom ben roethlisberger ii tte defeat....ig ben issof course all too familiar to ravens fans, who will see a pretty close approximationthis sunday in tony romo.. game reaction from game 5... - plus our high school game of the week ccming up on foo 45 pews at ten and the late edition.... residents are still residents are still llughing about aabizarre ressue in ichi. michigan.... 3 &p3&pa... curr racccon... had a stickyytime... when it balancedd.. oo... a... utilityy pole... with... a... jar jammed ...on pts head...
chance against the yankees..they tied the seeson series this year so i think it'll be a very interestinn series 43norman elkins 1440 it's like watching the ravens in the superbowl. it's like yyu''e excited but oo don't want it to end, but if it does it's been suuh a great season 30 right nnw the orioles are tied with the rangers one to one in thh bottommof the fifth inning.we''l keep tracking the game and update you with he score in 30 minutes on ssorts unlimited. if... you think... your game of simon... says... issgreatt../ wait... uutil... you heer... abbut phis one. &pset a record for the larrest game of simon sayss todaa dozens f students at the goddard school in columbia and goddard schools throughout the nation took to thee outdoors for a schoollwwde ""imon says". the event was part of the schools block party where they focused on the importtnce of play and critical life skklls in chiidren. nd when it neighboohood... see itt. shoot can upload photos and videos - to our website. gooto foxbaltimore dot com and click on thh "see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can all
fifteen percent or more. a very tense night at camden the yankees in divisional series, the orioles &pwere trying to avoid goingbac to new york down two games to none in the series..and it's been a tight one thus far... far...orioles lead 3-1 in the 6th...chris davis hadda 2-run sinnge....wei-yin chen lookk great...6 unearred run... nationals in st. louis for game 2 of the nlds...nats took game one....jorddn zimmermann with a rough outting....bottom of the 3rd...allee craig &phammers it to left...solo shot...zimmermann gives up 5 runs in 3 lead p-1....toppof the 6th...danny &pleft center...john jay races to the wall...maaes the atch ps he crashes into the the cardinals center fielder... everything going righh for st. lluis today....bottoo of the &p8th...carlos beltran already with one home run...nuumer 2... cardinals pound the nationals to even the series...12-4... wednesday... &pit's now time to announce the candidates in our high school gameeof the week contest... prought to you by varsity sports network ddt can vote for the ga
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